Metal Roofing Is The Ultimate In Performance and Design!

Metal Roofing offers several features asphalt roofing does not, including a longer lifespan, product development, longer life cycle value, and long-term energy/utility bill savings!

Metal roofs will save you money every month, and give you the peace of mind that you will not need to go through another roof replacement or repair again! Plus, for those who value the environment – you’ll be happy to know metal roofs are made from 30% recyclable steel and can be recycled when it reaches the end of its life!

Just like asphalt roofs, home owners are able to choose their new metal roof in a variety of colors and designs. But more importantly, homeowners will enjoy incredible safety features too. Metal roofs do not burn and are not prone to catching fire from fire-blown embers or lightning, and they will not trap smoke in the home during a fire. In addtion, metal roofs are resistant from decay or mildew which can lead to cracking and rotting of a roof.

When you compare all your roofing choices you will find metal roofing offers performance and value you will enjoy for many years to come. Metal roofing is a long-lasting committment and will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed by your professional roofer for years to come!